Our Vision

The Vision of  Kingsway International Christian Centre worldwide is Grow Up, Grow Big, Grow Together. Raising Champions, Taking Territories


Growing Up

Our vision is to build an International, Charismatic, Contemporary and Independent Ministry which primarily seeks to help believers work towards Growing Up.

Grow up – Spiritually, intellectually and emotionally through teaching, seminars and conferences in order to achieve the church’s objectives:

  • The advancement of the Christian faith in accordance with statement of belief
  • The relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of physical and mental


Growing Big

The vision we have will result in aggressive evangelism using all methods available, ministering on television, holding Power Crusades in the cities and nations of the world and opening KICC in other places where doors are open or where we have the leading of the Lord. We involve all members of the congregation in evangelism and see the church Growing Big.

Grow Big – Using every medium possible to advance the Christian faith.


Growing Together

Thirdly, to work towards reflecting the vision of an International Church by bringing men and women of all nations together. The societal values, needs and aspirations of every city, town or village vary, but all humans have a big need for acceptance; to be appreciated and to be loved.

Particularly, the KICC in London continues to touch the lives of men and women through Caring Heart Fellowships, Support Groups, Family Life Ministries and Ministry of Men, Women, Youths and Children.

Grow Together – Through the Caring Heart Fellowship, seminars and programmes which promote care, love and support of one another and the community. Thereby helping to achieve the charitable objectives of KICC:


  • The relief of sickness and the preservation and protection of physical and mental


  • The relief of need, hardship and distress.